White Buffalo Ventures now offers the Cruise and Destination Resort Industry a Cruise or Resort-Specific, privately-branded social networking application for their customers to use prior to and during their trip where they can meet, mingle and start new friendships with those who'll be on the cruise or at the resort within the same time frame. We are the number one provider of turnkey, privately-branded, social networking websites for existing website owners and marketers, and have been providing branded social networking websites since 2002.

White Buffalo can

  • Dramatically Enhance the experience of your customers
  • Increase the usage of your existing Website before and after the trip
  • Maximize Customer repeat business & referrals
  • Create a loyal secure Customer Community based on mutual interest

White Buffalo provides a unique, affordable customized online vacation networking experience for your customers. Designed to interface seamlessly with your website technology and design, users will have another reason to return to your site daily if not several times each day in anticipation of their cruise or vacation.

Working with your web design team we can usually have your customized cruise or destination-specific social networking up and operational within 2 weeks of agreement.

Vacationers can "begin" their vacation one, two or even three months in advance of the trip and begin to meet new people and make new friends in advance of their arrival. In this way, your customers will have a greatly enhanced experience, connecting with their new friends previously met online in the lead up to their arrival on board or at the resort.

Safe, anonymous and rigorously screened for appropriateness, White Buffalo ensures that each profile posting and photograph meets your standards for content. With over 500,000 users in the past 9 years, WBV has never had an untoward incident involving its customers or their customers as a consequence of our services.

Introducing DestinationConnect - Destination based online social networking.

Taking Cruising and Destination vacationing to the next level.

Your vacationers are trying squeeze a lot of living into a small time frame and our application allows them to begin their trip weeks if not months in advance of arriving on the ship or at the resort.

Using our seamless, safe and anonymous privately-branded vacation networking application as a part of your website behind the "login" functionality, your customers will be able to meet new people and make new friends in advance of their arrival for their trip.

DestinationConnect was designed to improve your customer referral and return rate and pay for itself by offering vacationers the ability to improve their pre-trip anticipation and enhance their shipboard or destination vacation experience profoundly.

DestinationConnect allows everyone booked onto your ship or into your resort to Meet, Interact, Plan and Engage prior to arriving and during the actual event. Your cruises and resorts are so well run, promoted and discussed by your customers in advance that people actually show up with an action plan! People show up to see people they met online during their planning stage they walk onto the ship or into the lobby knowing exactly who they plan to see.

By adding DestinationConnect you're telling everyone involved that you value their time and investment in choosing your cruise ship or resort. Simply put, you're watching out for their ROI! Vacationers arrive prepared and looking forward to meeting their new online friends "in person". Your cruise or resort becomes a "Must Return" destination year after year, while adding additional net income to your bottom-line. DestinationConnect is truly Win-Win!

Empowered with DestinationConnect as their secret weapon, your vacationers are going to have the best vacation they have ever had. For the first time they'll have real advance access to the cruise or resort where they can see who is going to be there, what the hot topics are, and organize their days and activities prior to actually arriving. Cruisers and resort vacationers have never before had this type of pre-trip tool.

DestinationConnect is the hottest amenity to hit the cruise and resort industry in a long time. Adding DestinationConnect will have everyone singing your praises while you add more cash to your bottom-line.

To learn more, contact us today for a detailed demonstration.